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  1. Memundo Internacional S.A. | Oct 2017 - Present

    UX Designer

    Job responsabilities include competitors research and expert reviews; translate specifications into functional flows; develop wireframes and functional prototypes; and usability testing.

  2. EDP DSI - Direcção de sistemas de Informação | Mar 2016 - Sep 2017 • 1 yr 8 mos

    UX/UI Designer

    EDP DSI - Direcção de sistemas de Informação belongs to EDP Group. EDP - Energias de Portugal, ranks among Europe's major electricity operators and Portuguese major business.

    In projects using Waterfall methodology, my responsabilities were Research within the working groups; Translate functional and legal specifications into user flows; and Build wireframes and functional prototypes.

    I also worked with Agile methodology, where my key responsabilities were UX/UI problem solving to improve usability; and Responsive UI patterns development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap) to speed up development process.

  3. World Bank Group | Feb 2014 - Apr 2016 • 2 yrs 3 mos

    UX/UI Designer Freelancer Consultant for Public Accounts Committees

    UI Design and development of an autonomously reusable UI Template for the wiki based communication system used by Public Accounts Committees associates network.

    I also designed and developed Interactive SVG maps to represent and comunicate all the associated networks.

  4. SAPO | Jun 2010 - Feb 2016 • 5 yrs 9 mos

    UX/UI Designer

    SAPO started as a search engine when founded in 1995 by Aveiro's University. SAPO organized and sponsored Codebits, an annual hackathon held in Portugal, that ran from 2007 to 2014.

    Job responsibilities and on job training included research, focus groups, card sorting, usability testing, wireframes and UI concept and development. My work was always focused in ergonomics and the best practices.

    Integrated in a multidisciplinary design team, side by side width UX, Usability and Accessibility experts, top Web and Mobile Designers and genius Software Developers, working at SAPO was the most rich and formative work experience I’ve ever had.

  5. SAPO Internacional | Jul 2008 - Jun 2010 • 2 yrs

    Community Engagement Consultant + UI Designer

    SAPO Internacional started with SAPO Cabo Verde and extended to Angola, Mozambique and Timor Leste. Integrated in a multidisciplinary team, from editors to marketeers, my job had two different yet complementary focuses, Community Engagement and Visual Communication Design.

    In the User Generated Content services (blogs, photos, videos) on all SAPO Internacional platforms, my key responsabilities were Get to know and connect with the users; Promote User Generated Content within each platform; Get and manage users feedback; and Provide support to empower the community.

    I also developed UI Design solutions for blogs and corporate accounts customisation; Responsive Marketing Mail; and Graphic Design pieces for marketing campaigns.

  1. Selfcare web app

    Selfcare web app

    edponline is a massive selfcare web app that serves both B2C and B2B clients (+400k) of the major electricity company in Portugal.

    Integrated in an Agile environment, my main responsibilities were UI problem solving to improve usability and UI patterns development (HTML, CSS) to speed up the development process.

    For new features, I was responsible for UX Design - research, user flows and wireframes - before the UI work flow.

  2. Non Profit Organization website

    Non Profit Organization website

    QUEBRAR O SILÊNCIO (@SilencioQuebrar) is the first Portuguese non profit organization dedicated to help boys and men to overcome sexual abuse trauma.

    I was responsible for the UX/UI Design and implementation, which gave me the chance to explore and learn more about WordPress.

    It was an amazing experience to work with such great yet simple people, on a social project that deserves to be known and supported.

  3. Jekyll for designers - tutorial for robust coded prototypes

    Jekyll for designers - tutorial for robust coded prototypes

    Jekyll is a parsing engine that generates static websites from dynamic elements. It allows to reuse the HTML and CSS produced, therefore saving development time for coded prototypes.

    This project is a step-by-step tutorial that covers all the basics, from context to references, to help other designers to start using this technology to build robust prototypes.

    I wanted to help others due to the difficulties I had myself when learning so many new concepts, so I wanted to make it easier. This tutorial is in Portuguese.

  4. Small children learning app

    Small children learning app

    ABC do SAPO is an interactive application to help small children to learn the letters and associated words.

    I was responsible for all the UX/UI design aspects on the responsive web version, intended for schools.

    It was very rewarding to actually watch the kids using it and observing how they interact with each character. For example, all loved the oranges but some were afraid of the square!

  5. Transports schedules and itineraries

    Transports schedules and itineraries

    SAPO Transportes is a mobile web application dedicated to consulting Lisbon's public transportation schedules and journey planner, and save favorite stops and routes. The Android version is a minimal native implementation that feeds on the web version.

    My job was based on previous research and user flows, so I needed to redesign the functional flows to be compatible with an existing html5 mobile framework, design and build all UI paterns and usability testing for final adjustments.

    It was a great technical challenge due to the integration with SAPO Mapas mobile, therefore built within a massive HTML5 mobile framework. It was also great fun.

  6. HTML5 mobile framework

    HTML5 mobile framework

    SAPO Mobile was a massive framework that started as proof of concept for a responsive approach to mobile development using HTML5, by Luis Carmona (@lpccarmona) and Bruno Carreira (@hellc0re).

    For a couple of years I was responsible for UI code maintenance and UI patterns customization for all new projects added to the framework.

    Working with almost two hundred projects with public recognition such as Jornal Expresso, Blitz, Exame Informática, Visão, Caras, Jornal Económico, Sol, SIC Notícias, etc., it was essential to be disciplined on code maintenance, keeping up with the best practices and everyday study of mobile devices.

  7. Sports debate blog

    Sports debate blog

    This blog hosts a continuous debate on football performance and politics and it's led by fans of 2 major Portuguese football teams, Benfica and Porto.

    The challenge of this project was to make it look and feel appealing for opposite football teams while keeping it clean.

    I was given total freedom for the look and feel (which is rare) and the clients were very pleased width the result. It uses Masonry.JS for side column layout.

  1. UX Design



    User flows



    User testing

    Pen and paper

    Text editor



  2. UI Design



    Visual Identity


    User testing

    Style Guide

    Pen and paper

    Adobe Creative



  3. UI Development


    Layout patterns

    UI code


    User testing

    Style System

    Sublime Text

    Bootstrap, INK, Jekyll

    HTML + CSS + jQuery

    Git on command line

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