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From OUT 2017 to present

UX Design student & freelance Web Designer

The project I started in October was unexpectedly shorter than planned. My participation included competitors research and expert reviews, user flows, wireframes, and prototypes.

I'm currently doing freelance work and investing in UX Design education on Interaction Design Foundation: HCI - Human-Computer Interaction, The Brain and Technology, UX Research and Emotional Design.

I'm also looking for a full-time position.

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EDP DSI | From MAR 2016 to SEP 2017 (1 YR 8 mos)

UX Designer & UI Developer

EDP DSI - Direcção de sistemas de Informação, belongs to EDP, considered one of Europe's major electricity operators and Portuguese major business.

In projects using Waterfall methodology, my responsibilities were Research within the working groups, Translate functional and legal specifications into user flows, and Build wireframes and functional prototypes.

I also worked with Agile methodology, where my key responsibilities were UX/UI problem solving to improve usability; and Responsive UI patterns development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap) to speed up development process.

Back to Experience | From JUN 2010 to FEB 2016 (5 yrs 9 mos)

UX/UI Designer & UI Developer

SAPO started as a search engine when founded in 1995 by Aveiro's University. SAPO organized and sponsored Codebits, an annual hackathon held in Portugal, that ran from 2007 to 2014.

Job responsibilities and on job training included research, focus groups, card sorting, usability testing, wireframes and UI concept and development. My work was always focused in ergonomics and the best practices.

I was integrated in a multidisciplinary design team, side by side with UX, Usability and Accessibility experts, top Web and Mobile Designers and genius Software Developers. Therefore, working at SAPO was the most rich and formative work experience I’ve ever had.

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SAPO Internacional | From JUL 2008 to JUN 2010 (2 yrs)

Community Dynamization & UI Design

SAPO Internacional included the portals for Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique and Timor Leste. Integrated in a multidisciplinary team, my job had two different yet complementary focuses, Community Engagement and Visual Communication.

On those platforms, my key responsibilities were to know and connect with the users, promote User Generated Content within each platform, manage Users Feedback and provide Support to empower the community.

I also developed UI Design solutions for blogs and corporate accounts customisation, Responsive Marketing Mail, and Graphic Design pieces for marketing campaigns.

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  1. UX Design

    User flows
    LF prototyping
    User testing
    Pen and paper
    Text editor
  2. UI Design

    Visual identity
    HF prototyping
    User testing
    Style guide
    Pen and paper
    Adobe Creative
  3. UI Development

    Layout patterns
    UI code
    User testing
    Style System
    Sublime Text
    Bootstrap, INK, Jekyll
    HTML + CSS + jQuery
    Git on command line
Teresa Alves