Web things by Teresa Alves

I am a Senior Web Designer poking into frontend development. I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge. I am also passionate about neuroscience, exploration puzzle games and gardening.

Quebrar o silêncio

Ângelo Fernandes is a very good friend who happens to be one of the most courageous people I ever met. He is responsible for 'QUEBRAR O SILÊNCIO' (@SilencioQuebrar), the first Portuguese non profit organization dedicated to help boys and men to overcome sexual abuse trauma. I was given the opportunity to contribute to the project helping with building their website and this gave me the chance to explore and learn about WordPress. As in all other frameworks, as soon as you finish your first project, you're ready to start over and do it better. And we'll do that in the future.

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Jekyll para designers

Jekyll is a parsing engine that generates stactic websites from dynamic elements. It allows to reuse the HTML and CSS produced, therefore saving production costs. Depending on the technology, there maight be a better suitable templating engine, but once you understand Jekyll, you'll be able to wotk with any other. This project is a step-by-step tutorial that covers all the basics, from context to references, to start using this technology to speed up prototyping. The goal is to help understand concepts that are considered too complex, demystify the command line, and generally to help other designers to start using Jekyll (@jekyllrb).

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SAPO Tek is one of the oldest and most respected technology news site in Portugal. I was responsible for updating all the design aspects, from UI to usability, including the front-end code, HTML and CSS. Ricardo Malta (@ricmalta) was the Software Engineer responsible for all the back-end magic, and a great support on Template Toolkit processing system."

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Corner of time

Esquina do tempo (Corner of time) is a cultural magazine that was founded in 2010 by Brito-Semedo and his desire to promote and document Cape Verde's culture. The layout merged an old paper texture and the blue that embraces the tropical islands. It was also added the image of Mindelo City Hall, symbol of this cultural meeting point, gaining light from it's yellow ochre. It was very rewarding to work on this blog design and management remotely with Brito-Semedo, the Cape Verde University chancellor, whom I call simply, Professor.

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SAPO Mobile

SAPO Mobile was a massive framework that started as proof of concept for a responsive approach to mobile development in HTML5 by Luis Carmona and Bruno Carreira. For two years I was responsible for maintaining, keeping bug free and adding all new projects to the framework. I also developed a very light version intended to allow all sites to be served in countries with poor internet connectivity. It was essential to be disciplined on code maintenance, keeping up with the best practices and every day study of mobile devices, both smart phones and low end devices. The three years in this project were the most formative years in my career due to a great team: Alexandre Carvalho (@alexandreacarvalho), Luis Carmona (@lpccarmona) and Bruno Carreira (@hellc0re).

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Purgatory's dairy

In English would be called Purgatory's diary and it is Fernando Lopes personal blog. I met Fernando over four years ago, when we spoke for the first time about the blog redesign and he ended up migrating it, from another blog platform, to the Portuguese SAPO Blogs (@sapo). I like his honesty, fluency, feedback and spontaneity, and that adds something special to the job of redesigning the blog again, this time responsive to fit tablets and smartphones.

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Interactive game to help small children to learn the letters and words associated with them. With graphic design by Rodolfo C Diogo (@oratokbebeuorum), the musical theme was composed by Sérgio R Cavaco (@srcavaco) and the illustrations were developed by Luis Cavaco (@cavacoluis). Yes, they are brothers. My work colleague sofware engeneer Alexandre Carvalho (@alexandreacarvalho) was responsible for the logic and all the magic. I was responsible for the web version, intended for schools, from layout to front-end code (HTML and CSS).

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SAPO Transportes

SAPO Transportes is a Web Application optimized for mobile devices. It allows consulting Lisbon's public transportation schedules and explore the city through the journey planner. You may also save favorite stops and routes. The Android version is a minimal native implementation that feeds on the web version. This app was built using SAPO Mobile HTML5 framework.

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There's a cat on the roof

One day Pedro Neves (@pedron), head of SAPO Blogs, asked me to make a blog theme based on my personal blog concept. I accepted (see Aug 2012) and after that, although the concept was maintained, I updated it's layout and theme.

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Há um gato no telhado

The story behind the concept of this blog theme is simple. It was my personal blog and my personas needed a house to live in and a wall where to post thoughts and ideas. From there came the idea to blog on a building's wall and having the author besides it looking from a window. At some point, one of the cats left in the clipboard was thrown to the roof. What? Where did this one come from? There was a cat on the roof. And that became the blog name, in Portuguese, 'Há um gato no telhado'.

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Dia de Clássico

The challenge of this project was to gather opposite football teams while keeping a clean look and feel. This blog hosts a continuous debate on football performance and politics and it's led by fans of different and major Portuguese football teams, Benfica and Porto. I was given total freedom for the look and feel (which is rare) and the clients were very pleased width the result.

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Live long and prosper.